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From paper to Online

From paper to web

Whether it’s about using our design tool to create electronic content or transfer all your paper clinical documents to digital formats, our designer can do it all in no time! You will love our online version, which feels like paper!

Built in Logic/Required Field Ensure

Built in Logic/Required Field Ensure

Care providers can now save time, by inserting an existing or enhanced logic in the eOrderSets. Based on the requirements of the organization, we can add any complex logic to decrease human error, improve efficiency and provide better patient care. Patients’s information and other required data are pre-filled. Mandatory fields must be populated to proceed.

Right forms to the right person

The right forms to the right people

With eOrderSets, you can now grant access of specific libraries to specific groups, allowing them to manage major tasks within an application, as well as keeping a tab on information and facts that are being auto populated into the digital order sets.

Clinical Document Management

Clinical Document Management

Relevant clinical documents will be secured and within your fingertips! Along with order sets, you can keep the following materials at a central spot, making them accessible in just a few clicks:

  • Nursing documentation and charting materials
  • Research data collection
  • Validation forms
  • Clinic referral forms
  • Consolidated clinical reference materials
  • Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines
  • Protocols that need to be followed for specific patient conditions (EBOLA and SARS, for example)
Improves Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

eOrdersets is not merely a content management system, but a way to redesign complicated clinical procedures and integrate modern technology at key points to improve and optimize the work flow. With integrated logic to auto populate the information, it decreases the chance of human error, reduces transcription error, while improving order accuracy and reliability. A significant improvement in efficiency is mainly due to:

  • Speech recognition feature for all the clinical notes
  • Internal messaging within the application
  • Pre-filled patient information forms
  • Digital signature capture
  • Pharmacy orders and Diagnostic orders can be sent electronically

Wait, there is more !. These were only a few of our features! The good news for organizations, seeking to modify their form systems is that we offer customized solutions to suit their needs, whether it is a small rural clinic or a big hospital. Take a glimpse at our customizable options:

  • Patient registration
  • Reports according to your requirements
  • Knowledge document
  • Incoming and outgoing HL7 messaging

"Our mission is to make your Clinical Content prosper in a digital environment for better patient care"

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eOrderSets design tools can help you achieve, high-quality clinical content creation. The tool makes for quick and smooth process, well-managed design standards, templates, transparent versions and change control.

Manage Clinical Content

With eOrderSets, you can access almost any form in just a few clicks. Clinicians can log into eOrderSets, select a patient and choose necessary order sets to start the process.

Making Clinical Decisions

Features such as voice recognition for taking notes, knowledge document, research link and clinician’s recommendations at your fingertips will now make it easier than ever to provide great patient care.

Analytics and Research

You can access the performance of your clinical content with our analytical tool, which provides actionable insights into content, letting you gauge any area in need of further attention.

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View the performance of your clinical content with our analytical tool

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